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Thrustmaster T300 SERVO BASE Racing Wheel Driver/Firmware 2019.TTRS.1 Windows 8 driver download - Windows 8 Downloads

Windows 8 driver

Thrustmaster T300 SERVO BASE Racing Wheel Driver/Firmware 2019.TTRS.1

Thrustmaster T300 SERVO BASE Racing Wheel Driver/Firmware 2019.TTRS.1 - Details

Download Thrustmaster T300 SERVO BASE Racing Wheel Driver/Firmware 2019.TTRS.1

Thrustmaster T300 SERVO BASE Racing Wheel Driver/Firmware 2019.TTRS.1 driver for Windows 8 - Full description

Changes made in these new firmware:

- Fixed an issue with DiRT RALLY 2.0 - PC 

Your wheel’s Firmware version appears in the top right in the Control Panel’s tabs:

- Thrustmaster T-GT Racing Wheel: V5 (for the base) – V32 (for the rim)
- TS-XW Racer(USB): V4
- TS-PC Racer: V9
- Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing Wheel: V47
- Thrustmaster T300 RS Racing Wheel: V29
- Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel: V5
- Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel: V54
- Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel: V7
- Thrustmaster TM Sim Hub: V1.12 (Main) - 1.07 (CoMCU)
- Thrustmaster BT LED Display: V1.17 (Main) - 1.18 (Bluetooth)


- DO NOT CONNECT the racing wheel to your PC before being prompted to do so.
- DO NOT CLICK in any Windows-specific panes that may appear during the update process.
- RESTART THE COMPUTER once the package setup is complete.


1 - Double-click the installation file (2019_TTRS_1.exe) to proceed with the installation.
2 - Follow the instructions displayed onscreen.
3 - When done, select
- Start/All Apps/Thrustmaster/Control Panel. (Windows 10/ 8.1 /8)
- Start/All Programs/Thrustmaster/FFB Racing Wheel/Control Panel. (Windows 7/ Vista)
- The racing wheel appears onscreen with the status indication OK
4 - In the Control Panel, click Properties to configure your racing wheel:
- Test Input: Enables you to test the buttons, the D-Pad, the Wheel, the Pedals and to configure wheel Rotation Angle.
- Test Forces: Enables you to test 12 force effects.
- Gain Settings: Enables you to configure the Force Feedback.
5 - Click on OK to save your settings and exit the Control Panel.
6 - You are now ready to race!

Notes regarding the FERRARI F1 racing wheel:

- On PC, the Ferrari F1 racing wheel is recognized and appears onscreen under the name Thrustmaster T-GT Racing Wheel or TS-XW RACER (USB) or TS-PC RACER or Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing Wheel, Thrustmaster TX Racing wheel, or Thrustmaster T300 RS Racing Wheel.
- This is the “Normal Mode”, offering 13 action buttons + D-Pad (in this mode, the D-Pads, shifters and L3/R3 buttons are combined). In this mode, the 2 rotary encoders emulate the D-Pad's 4 main directions. They can therefore be used to alter a car's settings (engines, tires, fairing, etc.). To use them, if required, access your game's Control options and alter them as required.
- On PC (only), the racing wheel can be configured in “Advanced Mode” to offer 25 action buttons + 1 D-Pad (in this mode, the 2 rotary encoders, 2 D-Pads, 4 shifters and 4 L3/R3 buttons are configured individually). To do so, in the Control Panel, select the Advanced Mode option.
- The racing wheel appears onscreen under the name Ferrari F1 Wheel Advanced T-GT or Ferrari F1 Wheel Advanced TS-XW Racer or Ferrari F1 Wheel Advanced TS-PC Racer or Ferrari F1 wheel Integral T500. Ferrari F1 wheel Advanced TX or Ferrari F1 wheel Advanced T300.

General comments:

- For most games (e.g.: GTR, rFactor, iRacing): in the OPTIONS/CONTROLS/FORCE FEEDBACK settings, Force Feedback effects must be set to “POSITIVE = + Values” or “NON-REVERSED”.

About Joystick, Gamepad & Wheel Updates:

Installing the controller's drivers and utilities allows the system to properly recognize the connected device (either wired or wireless products), as well as to use all of the unit's features, such as force feedback, custom vibrations, and others.

In addition to that, applying the appropriate files lets users configure the controller's functions and buttons, and might even add support for various accessories compatible with the device.

As for applying this release, the steps are very easy: make sure your operating system is supported by this software, get the package (extract it if necessary), run the available setup, and follow the on-screen instructions for a complete installation.

Even though other OSes might be compatible as well, we do not recommend applying this release on platforms other than the ones specified. In addition to that, after installing the software, we suggest performing a system restart to make sure that the changes take effect properly.

That being said, click the download button, get and install the controller's software, and enjoy all its available features. Moreover, don't forget to check with our website as often as possible in order to stay up to date with the latest releases.

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