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Intel RST Driver for Windows 7/Windows 8

Intel RST Driver for Windows 7/Windows 8 - Details

File Size: 16.20 MB
OS: Windows 7 / Windows 7 x64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 x64
Released: Apr 2, 2013
Downloads: Total: 202 | This Month: 202
Keywords: Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver, RST, Intel, Rapid Storage Technology, Chipset, DB85FL
Download Intel RST Driver for Windows 7/Windows 8

Intel RST Driver for Windows 7/Windows 8 driver for Windows 8 - Full description

- HW information show "unknown controller" on RST System report in AHCI mode
- WHQL: 0xD1 BSOD during Disk Stress / Disk Verification (BLOCKING)
- WHQL: Optical Media Burning test failure during write scenario (BLOCKING)
- Cannot erase optical media using Windows or Roxio 2012
- RSTCLI allows an SSD to accelerate the cache volume; neither it nor the OROM will be able to clear out the resultant config
- UI option for setting 2nd array volume to WBC is disabled when it should be enabled
- Manage page does not dynamically update the completion status of a cache mode-change
- ODD is enumerated in SSD+ODD configuration with Fast-Boot Enabled
- RCfgSata unable to determine default RAID level if no RAID level param provided
- SCT HII Test error
- Degrading R5 system volume after dirty shutdown causes volume to become irrecoverably failed after system comes up
- HyperX Kingston SSD's are disappearing or not being properly enumerated in the OROM.
- UI: Typo under Link Power Management ("affect" instead of "effect")
- ZPODD IOCTL returns incorrect status when ZPODD is connected to a non-ACPI capable port
- Error Recovery Policy Causing Black Screen While Booting From S4 Mode
- CLI shows cache policy as unknown if a RAID volume's policy is set to Write through or to Read Only
- Asynchronous Notification(AN) not ENABLED by default in 12.0 and 12.5 baselines
- If RRT OS volume is restarted while accessing files on the recovery disk, the recovery disk is not re-associated back into the RRT volume.
- BLA reporting &“No disk attached&” in the SATA LPM module.
- Readme.txt needs to be updated with latest updates
- The accessible RRT recovery disk in On Request mode will become "missing" state after S4 resume
- WHQL: 0xD1 BSOD when Driver Verifier Force IRQL Checking is enabled (BLOCKING)
- PLDS BT20F: tray does not eject after resuming from S4
- RST 12.0 INF- Update with Lynx Point-H chipset official name
- Slot load ZPODD does not power down after first power cycle
- Pioneer BDC-TD04: After resuming from S3, ZPODD disappears from Device Manager or Disk Manager
- System fails to burn medias with Roxio Creator repeatedly with ZPODD devices
- TEAC DVD-ROM: BSoD 0xD1 when accessing drive under Zero Power state
- Double-clicking ODD in Explorer before media is detected will cause ZPODD tray to open.
- Roxio ejects ODD automatically before media is detected
- Power Increase observed as soon as ZPODD is asleep (power is cut off from the ZPODD)
- Driver: Legacy ODD on port 2 with mechanical presence switch will show 0 GB SATA drive in UI
- DVD Region tab does not display in ODD properties - BT20N ZPODD device
- Slot load ZPODD does not power down after first power cycle
- UI offers additional disks through volume "add disk" option when it would exceed the 2TB limit on MBR
- CLI does not wait for trans to enhance to finish before executing trans to off; volume fails on re-acceleration.
- Tray Icon notifications on reboot include "enterprise" in title
- WHQL: Optical Media Burning test failure during media erase (BLOCKING)
- The SATA transfer rate info is incorrectly displayed in the UI
- RSTCLI64 construes RAID level 6 as legitimate. It will crash if we attempt to create a volume of that type.
- Win8 SRT Accelerated Disk in MAX mode loses Acceleration on restart when Fast Boot is Enabled
- Unable to accelerate drive that is not initialized in disk manager due to lack of space for metadata
- A1h command (IDENTIFY PACKET DEVICE) failure on ODD with Win8 RST driver
- System unexpectedly reboot during S4 stress test
- WHQL: Failure to write Crashdump/Hiberfile on Win8 RAID (BLOCKING)
- RSTCLI will be unable to remove metadata from cache SSD if -M -Z cmd is preceded by mode-change
- WBC buffer flushing enable/disable setting is incorrect
- GPT only- Unexpected 2GB data volume created with &<64GB SSDs and Full SSD space selected for cache
- Volume write-cache available on RRT Configure Volume page with Windows WC buffer flushing on
- UI will display an incorrect value for the max cache size when SSD partition is &< 2GB
- BSOD ''DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL(iaStorA.sys)'' while running extended stress tests
- UI allows cache mode-change hyperlinks to be clickable BEFORE acceleration operation completes
- Rapidly enabling/disabling Lake Tiny causes Driver verifier and page_fault BSODs in Win8
- UI allows second matrix R1 volume to be changed into RRT volume but induces unknown error after attempt
- RSTCLI returns success code when an acceleration operation in fact fails to occur
- eSATA port/drive can be "marked as spare."
- 2 x 2TB raid1 - UI shows option to "change type" and window pops up when click "OK" button on "change volume type" page
- Unknown Error when enabling acceleration in Win 7 / Win 8 on specific SSDs
- The write caching of SSD will auto check after resume from S3/S4/CB
- 11.7 bug - SRT causing extra cache misses on partial writes - extra spin-ups in AOAC
- 12.0 UI sporadically crashes during volume deletion and SRT Reset operations
- RSTCLI64 will crash when we enter a volume name equivalent to 16 characters
- Cache mode will NOT be retained if we disable write-caching via device manager and then change mode to max
- Unknown error occurs while creating Recovery volume
- RSTCLI will crash and mark disks as unknown when we attempt to create a volume without the -n param
- Dynamic Storage Accelerator manual mode gear shouldn't follow OS power plan
- GPT only- Error Message occurred while migration RAID0 from a single disk to 3 more disks
- Toggling the Acceleration mode of a volume will alter the volume's member disks' cache state
- Message "Disc erase unsuccessfully" pops up while "quick erase" CD-RW disc contents via s/w app.
- EFI and OROM UI: kB/KB inconsistency
- UI unknown error after accelerating OS drive, rebooting, and disabling acceleration
- UI will allow acceleration with partitioned SSD even when doing so would violate the RAID volume limit
- RSTCLI allows user to accelerate SSDs
- RSTCLI marks prospective member disks as unknown when we attempt an erroneous Create Volume From Disk migration
- RSTCLI will induce system crash AFTER failing to create a volume using the system disk
- Driver is not enabling DIPM if CAP.SALP is 0, but CAP.SALP only pertains to HIPM.
- IAStoraIcon.exe error pops up and stress tool stops testing during Winpvt- Video Stress + AC/DC Cycling test.
- UI crashes if a Win 8 "Storage Spaces" volume is present
- Dynamic Storage Accelerator is not enabled in RAID mode
- UI RRT - WBC Help Bubble Not Offered
- The write caching of SSD will auto check after resume from S3/S4/CB
- Activate LED action link on the UI manage disk page is always available regardless user disable/enable the option in BIOS (both RAID and AHCI mode)
- 11.6 driver .inf needs FeatureScore to ensure the driver outweighs the 11.2 driver in Windows installation
- Used cache-size bar does not update anymore in the 12.0 UI

This download is valid for the products listed below.
- Intel Desktop Board DB85FL
- Intel Desktop Board DH87MC
- Intel Desktop Board DH87RL
- Intel Desktop Board DQ87PG
- Intel Desktop Board DZ87KLT-75K

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