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Intel RS2WC080 RAID Controller MegaRAID Driver 7.708.12.00 Windows 8 driver download - Windows 8 Downloads

Windows 8 driver

Intel RS2WC080 RAID Controller MegaRAID Driver 7.708.12.00

Intel RS2WC080 RAID Controller MegaRAID Driver 7.708.12.00 - Details

File Size: 2.30 MB
OS: Windows 8 / 8 64 bit / Server 2012 / 8.1 / 8.1 64 bit / 10 / 10 64 bit / Server 2016 / Server 2019
Released: Feb 27, 2019
Downloads: Total: 25 | This Month: 25
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Download Intel RS2WC080 RAID Controller MegaRAID Driver 7.708.12.00

Intel RS2WC080 RAID Controller MegaRAID Driver 7.708.12.00 driver for Windows 8 - Full description


- Disk Management is not sync, when user make JBOD drives on/off in DDA environment.
- MR7.8-9480-8i8E: Hit BSOD After creating Raid 5 With 21 drives
- Drop in SATA Max performance
- Fix Code analysis Warnings for MR Windows Driver
- MR 7.8 : Code Review changes.
- MR 7.8 Handle QDepth setting when Targetprop DCMD failed.
- MR_7.8: On single CPU system, JBOD's are not reflected in Disk Management in a particular scenario..
- Enable/Disable of RTTrace Logging via StorCLI .
- MR7.8: Controller not accessible by OS after OCR
- Forced crashdump did not produce the memory dump file when Windows 2016 is on VD
- MR 7.8 : Avoid DPC Timeout BSOD while waking up from S3 for Windows Driver.
- Add RtTrace event for Device IO pause and Resume
- MR7.7: OS hang during OCR w/ I/O running on VD and EPD.
- Windows Driver allocates more QD than FW reported.
- MR7.8: On Win10RS1 x86 - BSOD IRQ_NOT_LESS_THAN_EQUAL is observed during system wake-up from hibernation
- Hitting KA while doing LD creation in loop
- Making LDs offline to generate pinned_cache or do foreign import caused Windows BSOD
- PA2-MR7.7-FW: Windows Disk Management tool does not detect the secured JBOD after moving it to ctrl0 from ctrl1
- MR7.8-9460-16i:RAID Personality(9460-16i) & JBOD Personality(9A60-16i) Show Different Driver name in Win 10x32 bit
- Implement MR Driver/FW Handshake to copy Rttrace File when copying Snapdump.
- EPD behavior to handle IO greater than MDTS matches JBOD
- New driver IO path implemented
- TM through CLI has similar behavior to a case of genuine TM from Storport

UEFI shell instructions for updating RAID Firmware:

- Download and extract all files to a USB flash drive.
- Boot the target system to EFI shell.
- Change directory to the local drive and directory containing the flash update files and the firmware image file.
- Type the name of the .nsh file matching the controller to update (e.g. "RMSP3HD080E.nsh" and press <Enter> to execute the command
- The storcli command line in the .nsh command will default to the first logical RAID contoller ("/c0"). If this there are multiple controllers, the value of controller parameter ("/Cx") will need to be modified to match the specific controller intended for update.
- Wait for the flash to complete. Do NOT reboot the system during the update.
- You can also use RAID Web Console 3 or OS version of StorCLI to update the RAID firmware. For more detail, please refer to the Intel RAID Software User's Guide.


- Intel recommends to loading Factory Default setting after the firmware upgrade which will not affect data on any existing array.
- Reboot the system and login to the RAID BIOS Console.
- Select the controller and select 'Adapter Properties'->'Next'
- Set the 'Set Factory Defaults' setting to 'Yes' and submit the change.
- Reboot the system (the default settings are applied).
- Re-configure to the desired settings in RAID Web Console3.

Firmware downgrade notice

- Intel does not recommend to downgrade the factory installed firmware on your RAID module or controller, it has important enhancements and bug fixes you may lose when going to a previous version.
- If you need to install an older firmware version, please contact Intel for instructions on how to perform this action.

About SATA / AHCI / RAID Drivers:

When you install an operating system, SATA settings (be it AHCI, RAID, or IDE mode) are detected from the BIOS. If you want to change from one mode to another after the OS has been applied, appropriate drivers are required.

Bear in mind that if you modify these settings without installing proper files first, the operating system will not be able to boot until changes are reverted or required drivers are applied.

To perform the latter task, get the package, run the available setup and follow the instructions displayed on-screen for a complete installation. Afterwards, perform a system reboot so that all changes take effect, enter BIOS menu, and set the SATA option to the mode that best describes the newly applied drivers.

So, if you intend to modify the SATA settings to the mode described by this release, click the download button, and make the desired changes. In addition to that, don't forget to constantly check with our website so that you don't miss a single new release.

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